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Looking for a fast and professional real estate appraisal company in the San Antonio Metro Area? Look no further! Our appraisers are not only experienced and professional, we’re also LOCAL! We’ve set ourselves apart from the competition by specializing in fast and affordable appraisal services. We offer many different appraisal services and appraisal report types to accommodate all clients. Please look over the rest of our website to get a better understanding of the services we offer and how we may help you with your appraisal needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us online via email form or call directly.

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Simply require a simple, economical appraisal that provides a worth, market info and basic home details? The desktop appraisal is, as the name suggests, carried out in-office without a site see to the subject residential or commercial property. We make use of information from tax records, the county appraisal district and the local MLS to gather specific details about the Subject home and the market area. The appraiser will ask the homeowner a few concerns about the property that associate with its condition, features and upgrades. As these are desktop appraisals, there is no visit to be arranged or a physical examination of the Subject home; this allows these reports to be completed with 24 hours.

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The final report that will be sent to you will be a full color PDF document with all the data you should need to fully understand how the value of your home was concluded. We strive to make these reports easier to understand and full of informative data.

Another excellent use for the desktop appraisal is to estimate what effects any changes to your home or business might have on worth. For instance, if you were thinking of confining a garage or adding a guesthouse, a desktop appraisal could be carried out and “hypothetically assume” that this feature or addition exists. A comprehensive market analysis will expose just how these types of modifications are viewed within your market area. Likewise, investors frequently utilize our desktop appraisals to identify an “after repair work worth” on homes they might be interested in purchasing for rehabilitation.

Preferred applicants should have a strong work principles and be dependable. This indicates answering or returning call and emails in a prompt manner, being punctual, and positioning an emphasis on client service. We will consider all appraisers with three years of experience in domestic valuations around the San Antonio location. Appraisers will be responsible for setting their own consultations, thus, organizational and time management abilities are a requirement. While we comprehend that some appraisals are more difficult to complete than others, we do anticipate appraisers to complete “typical” SFR assignments with 2-3 company days after a website visit. Private projects require a specific level of individual abilities considering that you will typically be dealing with the general public as your client. Experience in discussing the appraisal procedure and handling discussion with individuals will be needed to be effective in this position. Attention to information and error-free reports are a MUST!

appraiser license in texasHaving performed hundreds of real estate appraisals in the San Antonio area, our appraisers understand the market trends and forces that affect home values. You’ll never need to worry about an appraiser who doesn’t know the market performing a valuation on your property. Our market experience within San Antonio give us an edge in both speed and cost for our appraisal services.

There are numerous instances when you just need to know the value of a home which is why we have actually developed the “Private Use” appraisals. These types of appraisals are typically for private usage and as such, have to be easy to understand while still communicating all the essential info you ‘d anticipate to discover in a comprehensive real estate appraisal. As a matter of fact, the appraisal process used to develop a private appraisal corresponds its home mortgage appraisal counter-part, following the very same standards and research study techniques, but the reporting format is a lot more easy and uses less jargon. They are complete appraisals that consist of a site go to of the subject property, pictures, comparable analysis, market analysis and an explanation of the appraiser’s method for concluding a last worth.

Just as you may get numerous quotes for other services that you use, you ought to also talk to several appraisers to discover how much experience they have in the location you need the appraisal. This is frequently called geographic competency and considers how many other appraisals they have carried out in the location. You probably would not want to work with someone who has never ever done an appraisal in the location you need one for.

Search for an appraiser that specializes in your market location. An appraiser from another county may not be as experienced as a regional property appraiser would be. Some appraisers service 2 or three counties while others specialize in a single county. It would only be reasonable to think about the local appraiser would have more first hand knowledge of the area. This would be more vital for the domestic user as business properties have more typical value attributes requiring the appraiser to research study outside the marketplace location.

appraisals for private useBecause we know the San Antonio market well, we can perform appraisals faster and charge our customers less! You can search around but we’ll just go ahead a tell you. On average, our appraisal fees are about 15% lower than any of our competitors. This doesn’t mean our appraisal services are inferior; in fact, you’ll find that our reports are more complete and thoroughly researched that what many other companies offer.

A typical home appraisal requires a great deal of research, travel to and from the subject property, report writing and finally, delivery of the report to the client. The entire process from scheduling to delivery of the appraisal report typically takes 3-4 business days for more appraisal companies. But who wants to be just a GOOD appraisal company? So we guarantee our reports will be delivered within 2 business days from the scheduled site visit. And we’re the only appraisal company in San Antonio that offers a RUSH 24hr appraisal service for when you need your report even faster!

Ideal for any personal application, these appraisals are perfect for house owners, buyer or sellers, Realtors, attorneys, investors and more. These kinds of appraisals are generally for private usage and as such, have to be easy to understand while still communicating all the crucial details you ‘d anticipate to discover in a comprehensive real estate appraisal. These are also commonly utilized as a pre-sale tool to set a listing value and help sell a home at the best cost.

Some appraisers do not have the experience or knowledge to appraise any property that want. We provide a full service appraisal solution and appraiser virtually all residential properties no matter how simple or complex the assignment. These include single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, investment properties, lakefront and rural homes.

To be more in-depth, our advanced tools and software allow us to gather and dissect market data faster resulting in the ability to perform more appraisals in less time. With the use of tablet PCs in the field, we’ve removed redundant data entry of the past. We also use real lasers to collect building measurements and calculate square foot and living area much faster. The appraisal software we use is top of the line and speeds up the process of writing and compiling reports. Finally, GPS devices allows our appraisers to reach their appointments on time.

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Among the greatest advantages to working with our staff is the fact that our primary source of tasks is from private clients. As such, we prefer appraisers who have experience completing reports for non-lending use including tax protests, estate settlement, for sale by owner, pre-listing, cash buyers, divorce and general value inquiries.

Are you a knowledgeable San Antonio appraiser seeking to put your abilities to work for a reputable firm? We are presently accepting applications for a residential appraiser to work throughout the San Antonio city location. This chance would be ideal for an independent appraiser or little company planning to bring on more projects from an additional source.

Option Point is among the top appraisal companies in the San Antonio market. Our presence enables us to demand premium fees for our appraisal services. We share this with our appraisers by providing a really generous charge split reliant upon experience.

Texas Licensed, Certified or General Appraiser
Reliable Transportation
Clean Criminal Record
Strong Computer Skills
No Probation or Disciplinary Actions in the Past 5 Years
Valid E&O Coverage
Friendly & Professional Appearance & Attire
Receptionist or office staff to handle communication is a bonus

What Will You Find Inside a Private Use Appraisal?

A physical visit to the property where we measure, photograph & make notes
A full color PDF report, delivered via email, made up of :
An outline of the real estate along with it’s characteristics, improvements, maintenance level, etc.
A review of the neighborhood, sales trends & stats
A detailed examination of similar real estate in the subdivision
Street level pictures of the subject property
Colored photographs of all comparable properties
Area along with flood maps featuring the subject and comparables
A living area sketch from the subject property
A conclusion of value authorized and dated by the performing appraiser

Private mortgage insurance is a premium paid by most borrowers who have less than 20%-25% equity in their homes. However, once you reach the required amount of equity you can have your PMI removed from your mortgage payment.

Does your monthly mortgage payment include a PMI charge? Private Mortgage Insurance, sometimes called Mortgage Insurance Protection, is assessed on homeowners that have less that 20% (some lenders require 25%) equity in their home. By law, mortgage lenders are required to allow you to remove PMI once you reach the required equity. So if the requirement is 80%, you need to have paid 20% of your original loan amount. However, if your home values have increased then an appraisal may be used to prove that your equity requirements have been reached though a combination of payment plus appreciation.